2009 2014 Ford F150 Super Cab (Ext) Rocker Panels


2009 2014 Ford F150 Super Cab (Ext) Rocker Panels


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NeverRust® 2009-2014 Ford F150 Super cab (extended). 2 Full Front Door’s and 2 rear suicide doors.

All of our NeverRust® rocker panels are direct and exact fit replacements for the Ford F-150 Super Cab pickups.. Over a few very short years your rocker panels become rusty, dented and busted up. Rocker panels especially on older vehicles take a beating from snow, ice, rain, road salt, highway debris, and in time that will eventually cause some areas to become rusted out. The NeverRust® restoration rocker panels are a great replacement and solution for Original Ford equipment. 



  • Years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 F150 Super Cab(Ext).

If your old rocker panel is rusted or damaged, This NeverRust® Composite Rocker is a reliable replacement body part that it will ensure a precise and direct fit, better then factory like quality, and ultra high durability at a affordable price.


  1. NeverRust® Direct fit OEM quality restoration replacement.
  2. Automotive CAPA Quality original part at an affordable price.
  3. NeverRust® is #1 in the nation on quality engineered Composite Panels.
  4. Lifetime Backed by a un-limited warranty against Rust.
  5. Base Colors Available in Charcoal Black, Primer Gray or Pure White.
  6. A 100% NeverRust® Guarantee. That means you will never need to repair your rockers or cab corners for the natural life of your truck again. Never again will rust breakout and destroy your expensive restoration job,  Just that in itself is worth it plus it will upgrade the resale value and hold it for years to come.
  7. No welding necessary. 


  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


  • NeverRust® Specialty Engineered Composites. 
  • A combination of FRP and Kevlar reinforced
  • This product is manufactured in the United States at our plant in Niles. Michigan.


  • Discounted Shipping for the lower 48 states.

NeverRust® FORD F150 Composite Rocker Panels.

Rocker Panels and cab corners are usually out of your sight and therefore out of your mind. At the same time, rocker panels, casalt-truckb corners and floors are exposed to constant damage from salt water, Brine, and other road treatments the city or county companies throw on the road.

The Big Truck Companies can not make a metal rocker panels or cab corners that will make it for more than 5 years.

Neverrust Rocker Panels have a life time rust free Guarantee that is transferable.

These will fit your truck If your Truck body style looks like this

Super Cab, “Extended” Cab F150 2009-2014

2013 f150 ext cab

Base color

Black Charcoal, Primer Gray, White

1 review for 2009 2014 Ford F150 Super Cab (Ext) Rocker Panels

  1. Matt B.

    These were by far the best i have seen in auto body restoration parts and i’ve been in this since 1989 excellent fit, thank you guys i am pleased and yes i would recommend.

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